Support Green Dot Public Schools in Memphis

Enable distance learning for 2,300 Green Dot students in Memphis.

With schools closed across the Mid-South, lost learning time presents a serious issue for Green Dot students in Memphis. Many do not have a computer or internet access at home.

Green Dot Public Schools is investing in the technology required to deliver our high-quality education model remotely. We must raise $520,000 urgently to equip each student with a computer and internet connectivity. With your support, we will purchase an additional 1,900 Chromebook computers and 800 wireless hotspots.

$196 buys a fully-equipped Chromebook and $185 buys a wireless hotspot for a year. A donation of $381 will fully sponsor a student. If you want to have an even greater impact, start a fundraising team and create a giving circle.

Let's keep our students connected to their teachers, friends, and their future success.


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