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General Questions about Green Dot


What is Green Dot Public Schools?

Green Dot Public Schools is a public charter network serving Los Angeles, Memphis  and Washington State. Our mission is to help transform public education so that all young adults receive the education they deserve to be prepared for college, leadership, and life. We currently serve more than 10,000 students across 22 schools in the greater Los Angeles and Memphis communities.


What is a charter school?

Charter schools are publicly-funded public schools that are tuition-free and open to all students. Charter schools are funded primarily through a combination of federal, state and local tax dollars.

While closely regulated, Tennessee charter schools are able to exercise increased autonomy but are held strictly accountable for both academic growth and fiscal practices in return.


What is a transformation school?

In Memphis, all Green Dot campuses are transformation schools. Authorized by the Achievement School District (ASD), all campuses under Green Dot’s leadership were previously a public school under the purview of the local district and on the state’s priority list. Schools receiving this priority list designation have consistently scored in the bottom 5 percent academically of all schools in the state. Charter management organizations, such as Green Dot, are invited to partner with a school on the priority list in an effort to transform educational outcomes. Green Dot’s mission is to ensure all students receive access to high quality instruction and as such, we transform the entire campus.


What is the ASD?

The ASD was created to catapult the bottom 5% of schools in Tennessee to the top 25% in the state. A state authorized turnaround district, the ASD is under the purview of the Tennessee Department of Education. For more information, please visit:


Questions about Enrolling at Green Dot


Are there admissions requirements at Green Dot schools?

Students with current, legal residence in the school’s attendance area as well as non-attendance area students who currently attend the school are guaranteed a seat. Siblings of currently enrolled students, students with current, legal residence in another Achievement School District (ASD) school’s attendance area, and students who currently attend a non-ASD Priority School or who have a current, legal residence in a non-ASD Priority School attendance area may be eligible to attend. Please contact Green Dot Public Schools Tennessee with any questions.


How can I enroll my child at a Green Dot school?

Please visit our enrollment page to learn more about enrolling your child in a Green Dot School.


Does Green Dot serve all students, including those with special needs?

Yes, Green Dot schools are committed to serving all students, including those with special needs. Our educational programs are tailored to a student's individual needs, and we partner with the district to provide any additional services that may be required under a student's individualized education plan (IEP).


Questions about Teaching at Green Dot


What makes teaching at Green Dot unique?

We believe all students deserve to realize their full potential.

As a highly effective teacher, you understand what it takes to help students succeed. At Green Dot, we believe it starts with fostering an environment that inspires every individual. We need your enthusiasm and passion to help students build confidence and self-esteem, so they can realize their full potential.

We want to change the outcomes of underperforming schools.

You understand that student results start with a foundational change in school culture. That's the challenge we're taking head on, and we need your help. Show students that you do believe in them, that they will graduate high school prepared to succeed in college.

We want to work hard, so we can see every stakeholders grow.

You came into education to make an impact, but you haven't found that ability at other schools. At Green Dot, we offer that kind of opportunity. If you're ready to work as hard as you can to help others, join us. You'll experience the student growth and personal growth you've been searching for your whole career.


What professional development is available to Green Dot teachers?

Green Dot believes in coaching, collaboration and career opportunities. Some examples of professional development opportunities are:

  • Ongoing school-wide professional development on a weekly basis
  • A series of “All Green Dot Days” and “Data Days” for teachers to grow network-wide professional practices and engage in deep study of their instructional craft and their students’ progress
  • Curriculum specialists or ‘coaches’ who work directly with teachers to improve practice
  • Professional development aligned to a research-based framework for effective teaching that defines quality instructional practices across our schools


What are the requirements for teaching at a Green Dot school?

All Green Dot teachers must be credentialed.


How can I apply to teach at a Green Dot school?

You should visit the Careers page of our website for more information on how to apply to be a Green Dot teacher.



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