Wooddale Middle School Staff

AP Utley

Ms. Marysa Utley - Principal

Education: University of Memphis & Christian Brothers University
Office Hours: Monday-Thursday, 3:45-4:30
Cool Fact: I love going skating!
Favorite Quote or Motto: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Last Name First Name Position Email
Utley Marysa Principal marysa.utley@greendot.org
Blackburn Julius Assistant Principal julius.blackburn@greendot.org
Bates Angela Assistant Principal angela.bates@greendot.org
Cox Mondrea Math Teacher mondrea.cox@greendot.org
Davis Sarah English Teacher sarah.davis@greendot.org
Gary Amanda Science Teacher amanda.gary@greendot.org
Greene Denai Math Teacher denai@greene@greendot.org
Grigsby Suzanne English Teacher suzanne.grigsby@greendot.org
Herron Albertina Science Teacher albertina.herron@greendot.org
Hunt Tamara English Teacher tamara.hunt@greendot.org
Jackson Jasmine English Teacher jasmine.jackson@greendot.org
Mackonya Milicent Math Teacher milicent.mackonya@greendot.org
Mason Laquisha English Teacher laquisha.mason@greendot.org
McCloud Vickie Science Teacher vickie.mccloud@greendot.org
McLeod James Music Teacher james.mcleod@greendot.org
Otoshi, Alicyn Special Education Teacher alicyn.otoshi@greendot.org
Owens Trina Special Education Teacher trina.owens@greendot.org
Roeder Jacob Social Studies Teacher jacob.roeder@greendot.org
Sago Sherell ELA Teacher sherell.sago@greendot.org
Shirely Denetria English Teacher denetria.shirely@greendot.org
Smith Dionne Science Teacher dionne.smith@greendot.org
Stoplos Gabriella ESL Teacher gabriella.stoplos@greendot.org
Tribune Carolyn Science Teacher carolyn.tribune@greendot.org
Walker Jamie Physical Education Teacher jamie.walker@greendot.org
Washington Felicia Special Education Teacher felicia.washington@greendot.org
Wilder-Kofie Deborah English Teacher deborah.wilder-kofie@greendot.org
Hayes Kimberly SOM kimberly.hayes@greendot.org
Cole Jasmine Office Coordinator jasmine.cole@greendot.org

Wooddale Middle School
3467 Castleman Street
Memphis, TN 38118

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